When you should consider home care assistance for your elderly parents

January 26, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Caregiver with elderly woman

Senior parents aren’t always upfront about the challenges they face in their daily living. Understandably, they don’t want us to worry too much. With many of us always busy with work and family, it’s often hard to find the time to be there for them as much as we want.

But the reality is as they get older, the more things they will need help with every day. For example, things like house cleaning and laundry can become too tasking for them. Sometimes, they might require assistance getting around, or need help with their medication.

These areas are all covered under our home care assistance services at Miami Valley Homecare. If you’re not sure whether your elderly parents need personal care, here are some scenarios where they definitely need help.

They’re having mobility issues

Noticed some bruises on your senior parent’s body lately? Perhaps you usually find them lying in bed most of the time or sitting on a couch? It's likely because they are having trouble getting around, probably due to minor health issues, such as arthritis or backaches.

At Miami Valley Homecare, we provide home care assistance to help seniors continue living independently. Among our services include transportation, medication reminders, mobility assistance, mall pickups, and more. This reduces their need to walk around too often during the day.

Their home is constantly disorganized

A little clutter here and there is normal, but if you notice that your parent’s house has been largely unkempt — dishes in the sink, molds in the bathroom, dust accumulating on furniture — it’s usually a telltale sign that your parent requires home care assistance.

At Miami Valley Homecare, our trained staff provide light housekeeping services to keep your senior parent’s home orderly. Other services we provide include mopping and sweeping, dusting, vacuuming floors, making the bed, kitchen cleanup, and taking out the garbage.

Aside from the health benefits of living in a clean home, a clutter-free living space also reduces the risks of them tripping or bumping into things scattered all over the house.

They barely eat

It’s not uncommon for senior parents to lose their appetite now and then, but even so, their pantry and refrigerator should remain well-stocked with groceries.

If you notice that your parent’s pantry is often empty, it might be a sign of bigger needs such as memory loss making it difficult for them to restock. It could also be because they’re avoiding grocery shopping due to problems with driving or moving around.

Home care assistance comes in handy here. At Miami Valley Homecare, part of our services includes shopping and running errands, to make sure that your senior parents have all the supplies they need.

Our home care providers can also prepare meals to ensure that they eat well, plan meals ahead of time for a well-balanced diet, and monitor their medication.

They seem bored

If you notice your senior parents are gradually losing interest in their hobbies or activities that they previously enjoyed, it might be because of a health or living issue that they’re dealing with.

Sometimes, seniors find it hard to groom and get themselves ready to go out and socialize with their friends, resulting in a loss of interest in their hobbies too.


Miami Valley Homecare can assist your senior parents in keeping a healthy social life. We provide transportation services so they can visit their friends if they don’t want to drive. If they don’t want to meet their friends or go out because of difficulty getting ready, also assist with bathing, grooming, and dressing so they can stay presentable.

Nobody to play games with or watch a movie? Our home care assistance providers can help with that, as well as mentally stimulating activities like crafts and arts. Getting old is part of life — we make sure that it is not boring.

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