What to expect from companion care services

September 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What to expect from companion care services

Sometimes having someone close by is all the medicine we need to continue to live a happy healthy life. As the child of a senior, it’s tough to be able to provide the kind of companionship that your aging parent might need. After all, you do have your own life to live. You probably have a job, kids, hobbies of your own, and other things that take up your time. You can’t spend every waking minute by their side, no matter how much you’d like to. This is where our companion care services with Miami Valley Homecare come in. We can send one of our companion care providers to spend the day with your loved one to ensure that they’re healthy and safe. If you’ve never considered companion care, let us give you some insight as to what you can expect.


Maintaining a home can be difficult with aging. A companion care provider can help around the house with chores like doing laundry, washing the dishes, picking up items that might pose a tripping hazard, and other general housekeeping items. This is a great way to make sure that your parent is safe in their home without having to risk injury while bending over to pick up clothing items or falling after getting tired from standing at the sink for lengthy periods.

Running errands

A companion care provider can also help your parent get out of the house and get things done around town that they need. This can include grocery shopping, getting to doctor’s appointments, or simply getting out and getting some sunshine. There comes a point for most seniors where they’re no longer allowed to drive. While this is often the best scenario for them and everyone else on the road, it can feel like they’re losing a part of their freedom. Getting help to get out of the house with a companion can be a great way to feel like they’re getting that back.

Meal prep

Cooking can be a difficult process for anyone. It can be especially difficult if you’re not able to stand in the kitchen for an extended period of time. This often leads to quick microwavable meals that don’t provide significant nutritional value. With companion care services, your parent can get help in the kitchen with meal preparation. This can include planning a menu for the week, cooking meals to reheat later, or making a meal for that moment. This is a great way to ensure that your loved one is continuing to eat healthy and filling meals.

Setting appointments

Senior often have to visit multiple doctors regularly. It can be confusing to remember which doctor they need to visit and when. A companion can help them to make sure appointments don’t overlap as well as set up a schedule to ensure that they’re seeing the correct doctor when they need to. It’s also a great way to ensure that you have someone you trust at the appointment to relay important information back to you. This can take a huge obligation off your plate as it can be hard finding the time to accompany your loved one to many of these appointments.


Humans are social creatures and a lack of socialization can have negative effects on the mental and emotional state of any of us. A senior who lives alone needs regular socialization to ensure that they continue to have someone to talk to about their day and share a laugh with. If you don’t feel like your parent needs any of the other services that we’ve previously mentioned, they probably still need someone to socialize with. Companion care services will provide them with that.

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You don’t always have time to spend with your aging parent, which is OK because you have your own life to live. Although, they’re still going to need some level of companionship to help their quality of life. Contact our team at Miami Valley Homecare today to learn more about our companion care services. We offer our clients a high level to help improve their quality of life as they age.