What the Elderly Can Expect from After-Surgery Home Care

November 9, 2022 at 8:00 AM
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Caring for an elderly parent can be a daunting task, especially if they require surgery. The thought of them being alone after a surgery can be extremely worrisome, but many children of elderly parents cannot offer the amount of time necessary to care for a loved one post-surgery. Fortunately, there are organizations like Miami Valley Homecare that offer after-surgery home care.

Surgery is a very scary time for elderly patients and their families. There are so many unknowns and things that can go wrong—and once the surgery is over, there is still a long road to recovery ahead. This is where after-surgery home care becomes vital. Miami Valley Homecare has been providing after-surgery home care services to patients in the Miami Valley area for years. We are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping our patients recover from surgery as quickly and safely as possible—and to providing their loved ones much-need peace of mind.

What is After Surgery Home Care?

After surgery home care is when a nurse or other health care professional comes to the home of an elderly patient to provide post-operative care. This kind of care is particularly important, as post-surgery is a vulnerable time for anyone but especially the elderly and patient recovery is vital to living a longer and happier life.

Why is after-surgery home care important?

The first few days after surgery are often the most critical. That's why we offer 24/7 monitoring and support for our patients during this time. Our dedicated professionals will track their vital signs, help them with any pain management needs, and make sure they are comfortable and doing well. We will also work closely with their surgeon to make sure that they are following all post-operative instructions and recovering as expected.

As your loved one begins to feel better and their energy levels start to increase, we will help them gradually get back on their feet. We will assist them with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming as well as mental stimulation—which is vital for elders. We will also help them with light exercise, errands, and transportation as needed. Our goal is to help them regain their independence and get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

What Does After Surgery Home Care Include?

The type of care an elderly patient will receive after surgery will depend on their individual needs and health condition. However, there are some common services that are typically provided by after-surgery home care providers, such as:

Wound care:

This may involve changing bandages, checking for infection, and helping the patient with any wound-related pain they may be experiencing.

Physical therapy:

A physical therapist can help the patient regain their strength and range of motion through exercises and other physical activities.

Occupational therapy:

An occupational therapist can help the patient regain their ability to perform everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

Medication management:

The nurse or health care professional will make sure the patient is taking their medication as prescribed and help them manage any side effects they may be experiencing.

Nutrition counseling:

A registered dietitian can provide the patient with information on how to eat healthy and make sure they are getting the nutrients they need to heal properly.

Don’t take this on alone, reach out to Miami Valley Homecare today!

If you have an elderly parent who is going to be having surgery, reach out to Miami Valley Homecare for after surgery home care. Their team of skilled nurses and health care professionals will provide your loved one with the high-quality, individualized care they need to recover from their surgery safely and quickly.