6 ways private home care services can help your parent

February 11, 2022 at 7:00 AM
6 ways private home care services can help your parent

It’s not uncommon for the care responsibilities of an aging parent to fall on the children. You might be worried about your parent’s ability to pay for care, concerned that the level of care won’t meet their needs, or even feel like you’re taking away a measure of freedom. At Miami Valley Homecare, we offer a variety of private home care services to patients that can help them maintain their freedom while living at home and free up your schedule as well. You can learn about a few of the benefits your parent will enjoy by having private home care services.

Assistance with daily living

Everyday tasks start to get more difficult each year as we age. Performing things like getting dressed, brushing our hair, and going to the bathroom or bathing. Your parent’s home care provider will ensure that they’re able to perform each of these necessary daily tasks without worrying about falling or causing accidental self-harm.

Perform housekeeping tasks

In addition to taking care of themselves, tending to a home is increasingly difficult. You might find when you visit that your parent hasn’t taken the trash out in a few days, or there’s a lot of clutter on the countertops. Clutter and trash accumulation can be tripping hazards and make the house smell bad, so it’s important they’re taken care of regularly. While providing attention to your loved one, a care provider can also help to ensure their house is getting the attention it needs.

Preparing meals

Cooking is not only a task that can get more difficult with age; it can be dangerous. Deteriorating dexterity makes it unsafe to pour hot liquids or cut foods. After using it, forgetting to turn off the stove can cause a house fire or fill the home with harmful gas. Private home care services can help by either cooking meals for your parent or bringing them in each day. You won’t have to worry about your parent’s inability to cook healthy meals for themselves anymore.


It gets lonely living alone, as most seniors do. Your ability to visit is limited by other obligations, so stopping by for a visit can be difficult at times. Home care providers offer a level of companionship that’s healthy for seniors as it improves their mental state and gives them something to look forward to. Additionally, companionship has been shown to reduce overall health problems and help us live longer.

Help running errands

Being home-bound is difficult. Seniors who have their driver’s licenses taken away often struggle with the limited amount of freedom they have afterward. A care provider can help your parent get out of the house more often as they can coordinate rides or drive their vehicle. They can help take them to doctor’s appointments or to the grocery store to get food. Not only are they able to feel like they’re fending for themselves, but they can also get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Medication management

Forgetfulness is common during advanced age, which can be a problem when it comes to medication management as it can lead to skipped doses of medication or accidental overdose. An in-home care provider can help your parent remember whether they have or haven’t taken medication as well as serve as a reminder for when it’s time for the next dose.

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