4 ways senior home care helps improve heart health

August 22, 2022 at 9:30 PM
Image of a woman who has senior home care in Miami Valley, OH.

Many concerns arise when you have an elderly family member living on their own–especially if they’ve recently had a hospital stay. Assisted living facilities aren’t always the answer. Living at home brings comfort and independence. There are many emotional and social benefits when an older person can stay in their community. Many families don’t realize that there are also physical health benefits to senior home care. Here are just a few of the ways that you can improve a loved one’s heart health by finding them dedicated care while they stay at home.

Support in maintaining an exercise routine.

Cardio exercise is one of the best ways to keep the heart healthy as you age. Still, it can be tough for seniors to independently establish and maintain a regular exercise routine. Companionship care is a great way to ensure your loved one meets their doctor’s recommendations for cardiovascular exercise.

They can help seniors stick to routines and provide transportation to a Silver Sneakers gym. Aging parents can attend their favorite workout classes, maintain a community, and keep up with their cardiovascular health.

Help with healthy eating.

Healthy cooking takes time and fresh ingredients, so it can be challenging for seniors with limited mobility or transportation to get to the grocery store or spend time in the kitchen. Home care can handle grocery shopping or take an elderly loved one to the grocery store and help them follow a doctor’s shopping list.

A home care attendant can also ensure a senior makes the right choices in the kitchen. They’ll help with cooking or preparing meals that are easy to reheat throughout the week. Diet is a significant component of heart health, but it’s tough for seniors living on their own to maintain a strict diet. Having extra help around the house can reinforce healthy choices for the elderly.

Minimize stress with regular companionship.

Loneliness can take a physical toll on seniors who live on their own. When the elderly develop issues with their heart health, minimizing stress is a crucial component of their overall wellness. While spending more time with family is beneficial, it can be hard to be around when adult children live far from their parents.

In-home care, whether hourly or live-in, is a great way to combat loneliness for seniors living on their own. Companionship can range from doing light housework and chores to spending time with a senior doing hobbies and crafts.

Transportation for doctor’s appointments.

Keeping up with regular doctor’s appointments is also an essential part of maintaining cardiovascular health. When you live far from an aging loved one, making sure they make and keep appointments with their doctors can be challenging.

Home care is a safe, reliable way for seniors to get to appointments. They can stay current on their tests and keep their prescriptions filled when transportation is handled by a home care professional.

Miami Valley Homecare provides companionship and support with senior home care in Miami Valley, Ohio.

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