Dispelling common misconceptions about elder care in Dayton, OH

January 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Dispelling common misconceptions about elder care in Dayton, OH

It’s not unusual to hear bad things about caregivers for elders. A few bad experiences often spread like wildfire and can outweigh the tremendous good caregivers provide to seniors. At Miami Valley Homecare, we want to help put your mind at ease when choosing the best care for an aging parent by dispelling some of the common misconceptions or myths that come with elder care in Dayton, OH.

Myth: You should be the one to take care of your parents.

There’s a common belief that children need to be there to take care of their parents. Much of this is cultural, as many cultures around the world will put this duty on one of the offspring specifically. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not always qualified to provide your parent with the care they need. Caregivers are given training specific to elder care to help with things like getting around the house, toileting, and more. Furthermore, you have other obligations that you need to meet that often take a backseat when caring for an elderly parent.

Myth: You won’t see your parent as often.

Providing care for a parent is often one of the only times adult children see them. One of the common reasons people are hesitant to get a caregiver for a parent is because they’re worried they won’t see them as often. While this is sometimes true, most find they get to spend more quality time with their parent because their time isn’t spent cleaning the house, preparing meals, or tending to other items.

Myth: Elder care is too expensive.

The cost of a caregiver is a common blocker when someone is considering care for a parent. While it might seem cost-inhibitive to bring in someone else to care for a parent, you should weigh what it costs you to provide care, what they’re missing out on, and how much it might cost to move them to a facility. In-home care is often a much more affordable option for everyone and provides your elder parent with the care and attention they need every day.

Myth: You shouldn’t hire a stranger to care for your parent.

It’s not always easy letting a stranger into the home of your elder parent. Although, you should remember that a caregiver isn’t just another stranger. They’re trained professionals who care deeply about the work they do. The job of an in-home caregiver requires hours of specialized training that is ongoing. Additionally, we will vet all care providers to ensure that your parent is getting someone who is trustworthy and caring.

Myth: In-home elder care is not for the long term.

There’s a belief that seniors who need help around the house should go to an assisted living facility for their long-term needs. While this might be true for some, it’s not true for all. Many elders prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible because it’s where they’re the most comfortable. You can get long-term home care for your parent that allows them to stay in their home through the end of their life. They never have to worry about moving to a care facility and leaving the home they love.

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