5 lesser-known Miami Valley home care services in Kettering

May 18, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A caretaker managing medication, just one of many home care services in Kettering we offer.

When people think about home care services in Kettering, Centerville, or even Dayton, they often underestimate the scope. Home health aide includes far more than most are aware of. However, if you’re unsure what this means, you’re in luck. At Miami Valley Homecare, we provide the premier home health solutions to Kettering and Fairborn. We prioritize care, happiness, and independence to ensure their home retains its warmth and their integrity remains intact.

Here are 5 lesser-known home health services:

1. Day-to-day household tasks

Homecare services in Kettering help with everything around the house. Particularly as people get older, chores become increasingly difficult and dangerous to perform alone.

Whether it’s doing dishes or laundry, a home health aide will ensure their household still feels like home. However, caretakers do far more than just chores. Caretakers can help with using the restroom, bathing, doing yard work, and even getting dressed.

Home care services even help with money management. Forgetting to make payments becomes more common with age. Caretakers ensure every bill is paid.

2. Running errands and making appointments

Like most people, you have your own life to live. You have your own responsibilities and obligations. Most people don’t have the time to taxi their loved ones around all day.

A major benefit of home care services in Kettering is caretakers help make appointments and run errands. Whether it’s picking up a prescription, going grocery shopping, or going to a doctor’s appointment, they’ll ensure they arrive safely and on time.

The independence to run errands when they want is crucial to retaining their integrity and maintaining independence.

3. Companionship

One of the most crucial aspects of home care services in Kettering is companionship. This kind of connection is essential to living a full, fruitful life. Particularly for single or widowed patients, this undoubtedly elongates and enhances their lives.

It’s proven those involved in healthy social relationships live longer. It can even lower the risk of heart attacks and developing cancer and illnesses. Companionship has major, positive health implications that can’t be ignored.

Plus, caretakers even indulge them with hobbies and other fun activities. At Miami Valley, we don’t just provide care. We provide companionship, and ultimately, a greater quality of life.

4. Medication management

Medicine intake increases with age. However, age also makes it harder to remember which pill to take, when to take it, and if they’ve taken it already.

A great and often ignored aspect of home care services in Kettering is medication management. This means they won’t forget to take medication. It also means that they won’t be able to opt-out of taking medication. This oversight is truly invaluable.

5. Meal planning

As your loved one gets older, it’s easier for them to forget to eat. Even more important, eating a balanced, nutritious diet becomes increasingly more important with age. It plays a pivotal role in their susceptibility to chronic conditions and diseases.

Especially if they’re recovering from an injury or surgery, a healthy diet is critical. A great aspect of home care services in Kettering is meal planning. Caretakers plan, cook, and serve healthy meals to ensure your loved one gets enough sustenance and never misses a meal.

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It’s easy to overlook just how involved home care services in Kettering, Xenia, Fairborn, and Oakwood are. It’s far more than just medical attention for adults. Home health care is a life enhancement. Every facet of existence benefits from these home health solutions. Contact us now for a consultation!