Signs to get in-home care for a special needs adults in Dayton

June 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Independence is essential to everyone’s happiness and fulfillment. However, some people have difficulty managing this autonomy. While these struggles often start small, they can quickly become more severe issues. Fortunately, there are solutions for helping your loved ones maintain their independence while getting them the help they might need, and none are better than in-home care for special needs adults in Dayton, OH.

Here are signs it’s time to get in-home care:

Personal hygiene and presentation

One indicator you should consider in-home care for special needs adults in Dayton, OH, is poor personal hygiene. Their appearance and presentation can telegraph how they are managing their day-to-day life. When you visit them, ask yourself:

  • Is their body odor stronger than normal?
  • Did they brush their teeth?
  • Is their hair washed?
  • Are their clothes clean and presentable?
  • Are they wearing appropriate shoes?

Their living space

A disorderly living space is another indicator you should hire in-home care. While some clutter and mess are normal, an extremely unkempt home is cause for concern.

There are significant mental health benefits of having a clean home, and messy living spaces can signal emotional turmoil and struggles with managing their personal life. Assess their living conditions. Take note of:

  • Dirty dishes
  • An empty fridge
  • Empty cupboards
  • Expired food
  • Potential hazards
  • Funny smells
  • Mail piling up that’s unopened or neglected

Their health

Another sign you may want to consider in-home care for a special needs adult in Dayton is they are neglecting their health.

Firstly, if your loved one is putting on or losing significant weight over a short period, this should warrant concern. Evaluate their lifestyle:

  • Are they exercising enough?
  • Are they eating enough?
  • What kind of food are they eating?

Regular exercise and a balanced, nutritional diet are essential for them to live a healthy, independent life. Look in their fridge and cupboards to see what kind of food they’re buying and eating.

If your loved one cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle, this can have significant long-term health consequences and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Increased injuries

If your loved one is getting injured and hurt at home by themselves more and more frequently, they may need in-home care to help. Still, this depends on the person.

Everyone has accidents sometimes, and some people are more prone to accidents than others. However, if your loved one is getting hurt more frequently and the injuries are getting more severe, this is a sign that living alone is dangerous.

When they reveal that they injured themselves, ask for details and listen. If it sounds avoidable, it may be time for home care solutions.

Money management

Poor money management is another signal your loved one needs in-home care. Poor money management can snowball and become a severe issue for you and them.

Paying their bills on time and budgeting appropriately are essential skills. If you notice they are avoiding opening bills, this may signal financial issues they don’t want to disclose.

If they are spending money on non-essential things at the expense of their well-being or running out of money faster than you think is appropriate, it may be time to hire some help before their financial situation starts spiraling.

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