How to tell when your parent needs 24/7 home care in Dayton, Ohio

September 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to tell when your parent needs 24/7 home care in Dayton, Ohio

Sometimes it happens suddenly, other times it happens quickly, but age is eventually going to catch up to your parent. As this starts to happen, you’re going to need to be aware of how quickly their mental and physical state degrades so you can make sure they have the care that they need. With help from our team at Miami Valley Homecare, you can be aware of things to look for so you know when your parent needs 24/7 home care in Dayton, Ohio. Read our guide below for six things to look for.

One or more falls

As your parent ages, it’s going to be continually difficult for them to get up and move around the house. This will eventually lead to weakening in the legs, which causes poor balance and increases the risk for falls. Even if the fall is minor and there aren’t any major injuries sustained, the first fall can lead to others and those can eventually lead to more severe injuries. With help from round-the-clock care, your parent will always have somebody close by to make sure they’re getting the help they need when you can’t.


Everybody forgets at some point or another. Whether it’s something at the grocery store or the youngest is left in the pickup line at school, it happens. However, signs of more frequent forgetfulness can be early indicators of dementia or other conditions associated with memory loss. While increased forgetfulness can be tossed aside as a sign of aging, it can pose a danger to your parent if they live alone as things like leaving the stove on, doubling up on medication, or forgetting to lock the doors become more frequent.

Missing or overtaking medication

For those who don’t take medication regularly, remembering to take it every morning or night or any time in between can be difficult. This is especially true with aging parents as they need to try to make changes to their morning and nighttime routines to include medication. If you’re noticing that your parent is frequently missing doses or taking it twice because they can’t remember if they’ve taken it, a home care provider can help by making sure they’re taking their medication at the proper times every day.

Home maintenance falling by the wayside

Basic home maintenance is another part of living at home that continually gets more and more difficult. It’s not uncommon for seniors to try to be more efficient about cleaning up by putting things in piles throughout the house or simply not cleaning up at all. This can eventually lead to safety hazards as piles can fall over and cause them to trip. Food that’s not properly cleaned up can be a health hazard as bacteria and mold can grow or can attract pests. Keep an eye on your parent’s home to see if they need extra help with maintenance.

Unkempt appearance

For those who don’t frequently leave the house, it can be difficult to want to get ready for the day. Even then, the state of someone’s appearance can be an indicator of how they’re feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. If your parent is letting their physical appearance degrade by not doing their hair, changing their clothes, or letting personal hygiene fall by the wayside, it could be a sign that they need regular care.

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