How to Choose the Right In-Home Care Assistance for Mentally Disabled Seniors

August 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Elderly woman with white hair sitting in a wheelchair

Finding quality care providers for seniors with mental disabilities can be incredibly challenging. Choosing the right care provider is not just about who’s the best in terms of expertise, but also in their demeanor and attitude. The role requires a lot of patience and a high level of alertness to changes in the patient’s physical and mental conditions.

Are you looking for professional in-home care for your loved ones with intellectual disabilities? Miami Valley Homecare is here for you. We know you want the best care and we provide qualified home health care for a spectrum of needs.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right in-home care for mentally disabled patients in Dayton, OH.

Consider Finances

In-home care assistance services are not one-time services you can forgo once the service period is over. It’s a continuing commitment since it involves helping people with mental disabilities. That’s why the cost of in-home care assistance is a major factor in your decision.

Availability of Healthcare Providers

There are different ways to get a caregiver for mentally disabled patients. You can hire individuals directly or hire a healthcare provider. Sometimes, hiring an individual healthcare assistant may be harder because of costly hourly rates and availability. However, this also means that you can scrutinize their experience and credentials.

As an alternative, hiring from a healthcare service provider can lift the weight off your shoulder because service providers have enough resources to provide healthcare assistance without worrying about the availability of the healthcare assistant.

Determine the Kind of Care Needed

The kind and scope of care are also deciding factors. You need to know the type of assistance required so the healthcare provider can select a well-equipped assistant. For example, we offer companionship or personal care services here at Miami Valley Homecare.

In our companionship service, we provide specialized care like Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s care, personal assistance like dusting, making the bed, and housekeeping.

Personal care services include picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, writing letters, serving meals, and many more. We offer these services to our clients in Oakwood, Centerville, Xenia, and Fairborn. However, services differ from other healthcare providers.

Our competitors might provide different scopes of care. But at Miami Valley Homecare, care is our number one concern and focus.

Select an Ideal Care Setup

After you’ve determined your needs, you need to choose a care setup. We think that the care setup also influences the price of healthcare assistance. There are two options to choose from:

Live-in Care

If you’re the one caring for the patient and need some time off, choosing live-in care relieves you of your caring responsibilities. You can also select live-in care if you need to be away for a couple of hours or even longer. The healthcare provider will send someone to your residence and assume caring responsibilities.

By choosing live-in care, you must be willing and comfortable with having a non-family member in the house for the duration of the service. We recommend checking out home care if you’re uncomfortable with this.

Home Care

Instead of having a healthcare assistant present in the house, you can arrange for a home care service. In this program, the healthcare assistant will stop by the house to check on the patient, remind medication, buy food, or provide temporary assistance to the patient. Home care is perfect for clients who want to establish independence through minimal supervision.

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