How live-in home health care in Centerville, Ohio keeps your loved one safe

July 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How live-in home health care in Centerville, Ohio keeps your loved one safe

As our parents age, they’ll eventually reach a point where we need to make a decision on the level of care that’s right for them. This typically comes down to a full-time nursing home or live-in care. The difficulty with this decision comes as many seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible as it’s more comfortable for them. At Miami Valley Homecare, we have five reasons why live-in home care in Centerville, Ohio is a viable option for keeping your loved one safe.

Medication management

You don’t have to be living with memory loss or dementia for it to be difficult to remember whether or not you’ve taken your medication each day. However, this can get more and more difficult with age. Furthermore, dexterity decreases with age so the ability to handle tiny pills or administer other medications becomes more of a challenge. A live-in care nurse can help to ensure that your loved one’s medication is not only taken according to its prescribed schedule but also properly. This helps to better manage health conditions and keep your parent safe from harmful drug interactions or an accidental overdose.

Prevents falls

A major cause of injury that can eventually lead to premature death is a fall. Seniors get to be more and more at risk of falls as they age and grow unstable as leg muscles atrophy. While conditions like stairs and uneven ground are often areas of concern for falls, everyday activities like getting dressed and bathing become high-risk tasks as well.

Home health care is a great way to ensure that your parent is taken care of while you’re away so falls aren’t nearly as much of a risk. Additionally, if they do fall at any time, there would be someone there to help them. Home care nurses are specifically trained in administering first aid as needed as well as helping them up off the floor.

Nutrition support

It’s not uncommon for nutrition to fall by the wayside for seniors of advanced age as cooking gets to be more difficult. Often the solution to this is ordering take-out or eating small meals throughout the day. However, this can lead to being malnourished and poor overall health. Home health care services will see to it that your parent’s nutrition is addressed and that meals are provided.

Individualized care

Not every person who requires home health care requires the same services or care plan. Your loved one will have a plan that is unique to their everyday needs. This can include anything from getting help walking around the house to having handrails installed in critical areas to assistance with bathing. Your loved one’s live-in care provider will always be there to ensure that the necessary care is being provided and adjust a care plan accordingly.

There’s always someone there

Seniors who require advanced care often need someone to be at their home with them at all times. As their child, this is nearly impossible as you likely have your own family and responsibilities to attend to. A live-in nurse is able to provide the care needed so when you are able to visit your loved one, you can enjoy their company rather than spend your time seeing that they’re taken care of.

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