Is Home Healthcare in Dayton, Ohio Right for Your Parent?

August 25, 2021 at 11:00 PM

When you’re trying to see if home healthcare in Dayton, Ohio suits your parent, you may face conflicting signs and emotions. One moment it may seem they just can’t manage without help. And, the next, it might appear they’re doing well enough by themselves.

Those whose loved ones we take care of at Miami Home Valley Homecare have faced the same puzzling decision. To make it easier, we’ll tell you sure signs that your parent’s well-being and quality of life could benefit from home healthcare.

Here’s what to consider.

Can you see signs of cognitive decline?

Home healthcare is most necessary when someone’s no longer alert enough to care for themself. Or, if it appears their cognition is declining and they may reach that stage soon.

Signs you may notice include:

  • Higher-than-normal forgetfulness
  • Missing doses of their medication
  • Repeating the same stories or details
  • Losing trains of thought mid-conversation

Particularly concerning signs involve regular wandering and getting lost, along with anything else that actively puts them in danger.

How is their personal and home hygiene?

Home healthcare can help preserve your parent’s safety and enhance their quality of life, especially if their hygiene has declined.

Poor personal and home hygiene can have many causes. It might be the result of above-cited cognitive decline or something stemming from growing emotional distress or loss of mobility.

Whatever the cause, home healthcare in Dayton, Ohio can ensure that your parent has a clean and sanitary environment.

Is your parent still mobile?

If your parent has started having trouble walking, home healthcare is prudent. It allows them to have someone who helps with going up and down stairs, exercise, and other tasks that require movement.

Also, it relieves them of straining and tedious chores.

Plus, having home health aides to reach for and fetch items means your parent won’t have to strain themself. So, they might avoid unnecessary pain and stay ambulatory for longer.

Are they isolated and lonely?

While aging parents may still be able to care for themselves, they may be facing severe isolation and boredom. And research has shown that, among the elderly, social isolation is linked to increased risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cognitive decline.

Home healthcare would give them someone to maintain an emotional connection with. And, as with our services, it can involve setting up social activities and assisting with hobbies for a more engaged lifestyle.

Are they losing or gaining weight inexplicably?

Especially as they advance in age, our parents must maintain healthy and balanced diets. While it’s hard to see if they’re doing so from day to day, changes in their weight can show if there’s a reason for concern.

Rapid weight loss and becoming underweight might indicate that they’re having trouble feeding themselves and skipping meals.

Fast weight gain, particularly to the point of approaching obesity, may be a sign of eating for emotional comfort.

Learn if home healthcare in Dayton, Ohio is the best choice for your loved one with an assessment

Miami Valley Homecare has a center in Dayton, Ohio as well as others in Kettering, Beavercreek, Xenia, Fairborn, Oakwood, and Centerville. And, like you’re considering for your parent, we provide all-needs in-home care and companionship.

While the signs above can help you make a more careful evaluation, it’s safest to get a personalized assessment from experts. And we’d be glad to do one for your parent, then advise on the right way forward to ensure their health and daily fulfillment.

Request an assessment today to get started.