6 tips for finding senior day care in Dayton, OH

December 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
6 tips for finding senior day care in Dayton, OH

Getting daytime care for your elderly parent can be challenging. Often, we understand the importance of getting care so we can go to work or attend to other responsibilities, but we might lack confidence in someone else to provide the same care our parent is used to. However, it is possible to find care with senior day care in Dayton, OH. Our team at Miami Valley Homecare can help you find the best care for your elderly parent with six helpful tips.

Interview caregivers

It’s important that you know the people who are going to be taking care of your parent when you’re not there. Don’t be afraid to interview three or four caregivers to learn more about their process, the level of care they’re able to provide and see if their personality will mesh well with your parent. Bringing someone into your home or the home of your parent shouldn’t be taken lightly, so don’t feel bad about getting to know the caregiver before you hire them.

Consider transportation options

It’s not uncommon for seniors to have doctor’s appointments several times each month. Taking time off of work to drive your parent to these appointments can be a real burden. Ask the senior day care service if it offers transportation. Not only will your parent have a ride to their appointments, but they can also get out of the house and spend time doing things they love, like going to a park or shopping. Transportation options can include a bus that can accommodate several people for each ride as well as electric wheelchairs, or you might have a caregiver who can drive your parent’s vehicle for them.


Keep in mind that not all senior day cares will be covered by your parent’s insurance, which means that one of you is going to have to pay for it. Ask about how much the service will cost and if it’s billed daily, weekly, or monthly. Furthermore, ask about the services that are associated with the cost. Will the caregiver prepare meals or help clean up the house? Or are you simply paying for someone to sit with your parent? Get a clear understanding of how much you’re paying and what’s coming with what you’re paying.

Level of care

Not all senior day care services are set up to take care of every senior. Consider the needs of your parent and match them with a service that can take care of them. For instance, not all care providers can offer assistance with incontinence, medication management, or vision issues. Be sure to provide your parent with the necessary level of care they need.

Hours of availability

Not everyone works the same schedule. While it’s traditional for most people to work daytime hours, you might work evenings or early in the morning. Your parent is going to need care during these hours, so ask the service provider what hours they can take care of your parent so you don’t have to adjust your work schedule.

Visit the facility

If you’re considering taking your parent to a facility for senior day care, pay a visit to the location before making your final decision. Ask for a tour to see what all they have to offer those who go to the center during the day. Consider security measures for those who are prone to wandering as well as activities and amenities to keep them active.

Contact us to get started

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