When a Loved One Won’t Accept Elderly Care Assistance in Miami Valley, OH

May 16, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Old man with hearing aid.

When our loved ones begin to get older, it’s not uncommon for their daily needs to change. Forgetting to pick up the mail, missing doctor appointments, or skipping meals every so often may not seem too serious at first, but in reality, could all be signs your loved one may need extra care.

However, change is rarely easy. And the bigger the change, the harder it can be to face. So, when it comes to providing Miami Valley, OH elderly care assistance for your loved one, it’s not unsurprising for them to refuse the idea.

Have Open, Frank Conversations

Discussing why you want your loved one to consider home care can be challenging. Naturally, this is emotional to talk about. Both for you, and them. So when and if your loved one refuses any form of care or assistance, explain your concerns, but don’t push them out of the conversation. Make sure you’re allowing them to share their side. And sometimes, be prepared for the conversation to hit a wall.

The situation isn’t easy for anyone but expressing your thought process, that you care about them and want what’s best, and letting them know you hear their point of view as well, may allow you both to understand where the other one is coming from.

Having said this, understanding why they’re refusing care is important for this situation.

Understand Their Reasons

Aging is difficult for everyone. As we get older, our bodies become more fragile, our mental health can decline, and we can lose parts of who we once were. As a result, our older loved ones are worried about losing their autonomy and the control they have over their own lives. They may also be struggling with depression or anxiety, have memory issues, or simply fear the changes they’re experiencing.

Whichever it might be, understanding your loved one’s feelings about their life helps you understand their feelings, and why they’re refusing home care.

Choose Empathy

Even after you have a better understanding of where your loved one is emotionally, it’s easy to feel frustrated that they don’t want care. You want the best for them and their health, but sometimes, expressing that doesn’t change the situation. When your loved one is still refusing elderly care, try your best to choose empathy over frustration or anger. Not only is holding resentment more difficult on you and your emotions, but in response to anger, your loved one may double-down on their decision.

To save yourself further stress and pain, aim to be supportive however you can, but ultimately leave the decision to your loved one.

Focus on the Positives of Care

One way to illustrate to your loved one that home care or assistance can actually be a positive experience is by focusing on the benefits. For example, if your loved one is fearful of losing their independence, you can communicate how home care opens up their time and allows them to focus on what’s most important to them. Home care enables them to continue enjoying their favorite activities and hobbies — it doesn’t take those things away!

Miami Valley Homecare in Ohio: Providing Personalized Assistance and Care for your Elderly Loved Ones

If your loved one continues to refuse care, don’t give up on them. There may be a time when they begin to agree with you and decide that extra assistance would be helpful for them as well.

At Miami Valley Homecare, we offer companion or personal care that helps your loved one continue to live their own lives and do the things they most enjoy, while also giving you peace of mind. From meal preparation to Alzheimer's care, we can help you and your loved one navigate this challenging time. Contact us today to learn more.