How to Choose the Right Companion Care Service in Ohio

August 24, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Elderly woman sitting and chatting with a companion carer.

Deciding who should care for our loved ones is often difficult. As you search for a companion care service in Ohio, you might be struggling with pinning down the ones that match your relatives’ needs.

With centers throughout the state, we know what signs point to a great service clients will enjoy and relatives will feel confident in. And that’s knowledge you’ll find useful as you make this decision.

Here’s what to remember so you find the right companion for your loved one.

The flexibility of their care

Some elderly loved ones tend not to appreciate excessive care. Yet, too little leads to a diminished quality of life. So, the service you choose must be capable of matching the care your loved one requires. If a few hours are enough for a carer to provide all the assistance your loved one needs, a company that only offers live-in services isn’t much good.

Don’t feel you have to compromise. Some services, ours included, provide extensively customizable care.

Their range of services

Companion care in Ohio — especially the way we provide it — is about offering more than just assisted living services. It also involves ensuring our client feels they have people who care for them and respect their company. That’s why we also help with attending social events, performing hobbies and crafts, reminders throughout the day, and plenty more.

Besides that, however, check for other quality-of-life-enhancing services and make sure the list is exhaustive. Look for things like meal prep, conversations and cognitive stimulation, errands, fall detection, etc.

The important thing is that the services meet your loved one’s current needs. And, ideally, that the services can expand to cover other needs that may develop.

Distance from you

If 24/7 residential care suits your loved one best, you’ll want to make sure they’re close enough for you to visit without hassle. Most likely, other relatives involved in the decision would also appreciate the ability to make quick visits.

You might find that a service ticks all your boxes but is outside a distance you’re comfortable with. Always ask if they have other locations, since one might be near to you.

In our case, we have centers in Kettering, Centerville, Springboro, and Dayton.


A service that is explicitly committed to affordability makes long-term planning easier. After all, you don’t want to disrupt the life your relative has grown used to by moving them from one facility to another. Or to disturb the social connections they’ve built by switching to another service.

So, make sure you’re choosing a service you can afford years into the future.

However, the expense shouldn’t be the main concern, especially if reducing it comes at the cost of quality companion care. But, if you look, you’ll certainly find affordable companion care in Ohio that doesn’t compromise on quality.

For example, we keep Miami Valley Homecare services affordable while maintaining high-standard care because of a few reasons. One is that we don’t pay franchise fees. And we also don’t have a minimum quota of clients, since our entire focus is maximizing the level of care for each individual.

Find quality and affordable companion care in Ohio with Miami Valley Homecare

Finding a service you can trust to care for someone you love dearly isn’t easy. We know. And we’d like to help any way we can, whether that’s hearing about your loved one and sharing advice on what care is best or sharing more about ourselves.

Contact us today for expert help in choosing the right care for your loved one or, if you’re ready, to request an assessment.