Biggest Benefits of In-Home Care for Special Needs Adults

September 4, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Senior adult with special needs

Senior adults with special needs require more than just emotional support. They must also have adequate medical supervision and support systems to live happily and healthily. In-home care can be an excellent solution if you have a family member with special needs who requires extra attention and care.

At Miami Valley Homecare, we provide top-of-the-line home care services to help patients live their daily life with minimal supervision on certain aspects but have hands-on assistance in administering medication or providing assistance requiring medical training (e.g., first aid, replacing bandages, etc.). Choosing home care services can help your loved one live normally without having to control every action or activity they do.

Here are the benefits of in-home care for special needs adults in Miami Valley, OH.

Autonomous and Independent Living

Some adults with special needs, like those with Down Syndrome, can function in society and even secure jobs. However, they still need assistance from a healthcare provider to aid them in their daily needs. Home care services best suit special needs adults who don’t need intensive care. You can hire a caregiver who will assist by performing light housekeeping, preparing meals, or staying in the house as a home buddy or companion.

The caregiver will also not intervene in the patient’s every action to establish independence and self-confidence. The caregiver will only serve as a guide or assistant to the patient to train them to become autonomous in performing simple to complex tasks at home. Moreover, the caregiver need not live in the patient’s house.

Improved Quality of Life

Caregivers can simply be companions to the patient. They can play with the patient or be with the patient wherever. Adults with special needs are humans who need emotional connections with others. They, too, have friends, hobbies, and favorites. Through home care services, patients can experience life with the caregiver as someone who is emotionally aware of the patient’s needs and wants.

For example, the caregiver and the patient can go on a movie night, eat at a restaurant, go to the park or zoo, or visit family, relatives, and friends. Caregivers can also help prepare the patient's meals or even go on errands like paying bills or buying groceries.

Flexible Arrangements with Caregiver

There are instances where some families prefer to be hands-on in caring for their loved ones with special needs. However, there will be times when the primary carer needs to be away.

If you find yourself in this situation most of the time, you can hire home care services to temporarily take care of your loved one while you take a day off or run some errands. Primary carers of special needs adults also need rest and relaxation. Home care services can be a substitute for you when it’s time to recharge.

Professional Assistance

The caregivers who will take care of your loved ones with special needs are professional individuals with the required competency for caregiving. If you happen to ask relatives or friends to look over your loved ones, there’s no saying what emergency can occur while you’re away. But if you hire a professional caregiver, you’ll have the peace of mind that someone able is attending to your loved one.

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