6 Questions to Ask When Interviewing For a Home Health Care Companion

December 22, 2022 at 4:00 PM
home care companion for elderly patient

Navigating the senior home care industry can be overwhelming – from researching different companies and services to interviewing potential in-home companions. It's essential to approach this process with a plan. After all, when choosing a companion for your loved one, you’re entrusting that person with their safety and well-being.

Asking meaningful questions during interviews with potential companions will guide you in selecting the best person for the job.

Our team at Miami Valley Homecare has compiled six essential questions to ask that can help you better understand each candidate during their interview process. With these insights, you can confidently select the right caregiver that can provide your family member with just what they need.

1. Why did you choose to become a professional caregiver?

This thoughtfully posed inquiry allows employers to delve deep into individual motivations and compute whether they align with reliable, dependable in-home care logic. A companion's response should be honest and align with a genuine desire to help others. Furthermore, asking this focused question provides valuable insight into the candidate's personality and paints a better picture than simply focusing on professional requirements and experience alone.

2. Are you talkative or reserved?

It's important to note that companion home health care can go far beyond providing physical assistance and includes the need for emotional support. Before selecting a companion, employers should consider whether their candidate is more talkative or reserved. Asking this question will provide a better understanding of the companion's strengths and weaknesses to ascertain if their demeanor is conducive to what your family member needs.

3. What are your hobbies?

This open-ended question allows employers to get to know the companion more personally. It also provides insight into how companionable they are and their interests, which could be beneficial when sharing qualities with your family member that would foster an easier connection. As the answer to this question offers insight into the person's life, values and approach, taking the time to assess their interests can support making an informed decision. By inquiring about their hobbies, you gain an overview of what matters most in their lives and how they spend their leisure time.

4. How frequently will you review and revise a written care plan?

A reliable caregiver understands the importance of constantly monitoring patient needs to ensure the best quality healthcare. This question allows you to confirm that each prospective carer consistently updates the correct care plans to stay up-to-date with their client's rapidly changing condition. It also says a lot about how they manage their tasks and shows that they are dependable and organized.

5. How would you handle a stressful situation?

Discovering their capacity to stay confident and collected when facing pressure can be a crucial indicator for selecting the most effective caretaker. Asking companion candidates how they handle stressful situations allows you to assess their problem-solving and conflict-resolution techniques. Knowing how someone takes on challenging circumstances also provides peace of mind, which is invaluable when trusting your loved one in another's care.

6. How do you communicate with families?

Establishing regular communication between yourself and the companion is essential for ensuring that everyone involved is always up-to-date on your loved one's situation. Ask them how often they prefer to communicate with families, what types of information they typically share with families (such as updates on treatments or medications), and which methods of communication work best for them (such as phone calls, emails, etc.).

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