5 benefits of in-home health care in Dayton, OH

June 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 benefits of in-home health care in Dayton, OH

It’s not uncommon that a loved one reaches a point where they need extensive daily medical care. Whether this is because of advanced stages of a medical condition or aging, you won’t be able to provide the level of care your parent’s need. At Miami Valley Homecare, we can provide in-home health care in Dayton, OH to those in need. If you’re unsure if in-home care is right for your loved one, we have five benefits that they’ll receive from it.

Reduces falls

Physical activities like walking get to be more and more difficult with advanced age. This is not only exhausting, it can be dangerous. Falls get to be an increased risk as everyone ages and can lead to severe injuries. With help from in-home health care, your loved one will have someone who is looking after them at all times as well as equipment installed around the house, thereby reducing their risk for falls.

Provide therapy services

Getting out of the house and making it to physical therapy or occupational therapy appointments can be difficult for an individual of advanced age. With the help of in-home health care, therapy services can come to them. A part of in-home health care is ensuring that patients are able to get all the services necessary to help them live their highest quality of life. Additionally, this allows therapists the opportunity to look through the house for any potential hazards that need to be remedied or eliminated.

Can adapt home to need

At the recommendation of a therapist or another medical professional, in-home health care can include enhancements to your loved one's home to make it safer. Some of these can include extra handrails on the stairway, hallway, or shower, or remodeling recommendations like walk-in bathtubs or ramps for wheelchairs. A specialist can come to your parent’s home to assess their living situation then provide advice for ways that they can remain at their home while staying as safe as possible.

Get to stay at home

The opportunity to age at home is one that isn’t afforded to everyone. If you’re able to provide your loved one with the necessary care during advanced stages of aging, they’ll be more comfortable and happier. Moving to a nursing home is what’s best for some seniors and they can live there perfectly happy for the rest of their lives. However, it’s not for everyone. There are cases where making the move to a nursing home, while medically necessary, it’s the beginning of a steep decline in health as the individual isn’t nearly as happy as they were at home.

Still get a high level of care

It’s believed by many that in order to get a certain level of medical care, a patient must be moved to a hospital or nursing home, but this is not the case. Those who choose to remain in their home with in-home health care can receive the same level of care as they would at a hospital or a nursing facility.

Get in touch for more

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits your loved one can get from in-home health care in Dayton, OH, feel free to reach out to us today. You can reach a member of our staff by calling 937-671-2273 or send us a message using our contact form. At Miami Valley Homecare, we provide care for individuals with a spectrum of needs and believe that we can help your loved one.