4 great goals to set for seniors under home care in Dayton. OH

April 13, 2022 at 4:00 PM
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No one is too old to set another goal. Even seniors under home care can still set goals to help them live with purpose and be happier.

If you’re looking to add vitality to your aging loved ones’ routines, encouraging them to set goals is an important first step. These goals can be short-term — something they can achieve that day or longer-term — weekly/monthly. In any case, it’s important to set goals that are attainable, especially considering their advanced age and physical limitations.

At Miami Valley Homecare, we provide professional home care for seniors in Dayton, OH. Our trained home health aides can help seniors create and achieve new goals that can be part of their daily routines.

Here are some practical goals for seniors under home care :

1. Goals that promote physical activity

Keeping seniors physically active is a good way to ensure they stay fit and healthy. For many seniors, however, setting goals for physical activities can be intimidating, which is why many refuse to start and commit.

Instead of setting exercise as a goal, seniors under home care can start with 10 to 15-minute walks daily as their goal then move it up to a light 20-minute brisk walk or jog. What’s important is to get seniors moving and to keep them on track.

With Miami Valley Homecare, your aging loved one can receive support from a professional home health aide who can break down intimidating physical activity goals into manageable chunks.

2. Goals that promote good nutrition

Some seniors, especially those who have a chronic illness, tend to become stubborn when it comes to their diet.

It’s understandable given that strict diets tend to feel like a boring chore. For seniors to eat healthier, it could help to view dietary restrictions and requirements as goals that promote good nutrition.

Start with easy to achieve and measurable goals such as drinking more water, eating fruit daily, and managing the intake of sweets such as chocolates and candies.

Setting good nutrition as a goal is an encouraging way to help seniors improve their health while also unlocking a new sense of achievement.

3. Goals that encourage mental activity

Staying mentally active is just as important as staying physically fit, maybe even more so at this stage in life. For seniors under home care, there are a variety of activities that can serve as an exercise for the brain from the comforts of their homes.

Some goals that can stimulate the brain daily include doing crossword puzzles, writing in a gratitude journal, playing board games, and reading spiritual or inspiring passages.

Miami Valley Homecare’s home health aides are trained to provide drop-in care to seniors so they can receive support and companionship in achieving their goals.

4. Goals that support socialization

Some seniors tend to avoid socialization and prefer cocooning up in their homes instead for long periods. This can be unhealthy over time.

Setting goals that support socialization can help seniors form new bonds and relationships or cultivate existing ones. Social activities for seniors are powerful tools to avoid depression and boost positive emotions.

Some suggestions for goals that support socialization include meeting up with friends, attending Bingo nights, and joining local clubs of interest.

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