3 benefits of senior day care centers in Dayton, Ohio

November 4, 2020 at 8:00 AM
an elderly woman showing her grandson how to peel potatoes at a senior day care center in Dayton, Ohio

As much as you’d like to ensure that your older family members stay with you for as long as possible, sometimes that’s just not feasible.

If your whole household works and goes to school, with no one at home to watch over them, you run the risk of them injuring themselves. And when it comes to their medical needs, sometimes you may not feel qualified or able to give them the care they need on a day-to-day basis.

That’s where an adult day care center comes in. Here, we’ll discuss three benefits of Dayton, Ohio senior day care centers that you may not know about.

1. Adults at these centers experience a better quality of life

Day care centers offer a variety of health, psychological, and behavioral benefits, especially for adults with extra behavioral or cognitive needs.

The most obvious benefit is that day care centers give older family members a safe place to spend their day with people who are qualified to care for them — compare this to having your loved ones sit at home by themselves with no one to watch them.

Adults that go to these centers can also expect regular, nutritious meals. Day care centers work to accommodate any special dietary needs that your loved ones must follow.

Bringing your family members to a day care center preserves their independence, allowing them to leave the house and interact with others on a regular basis. Centers will often provide programming to help adults exercise their mental faculties and bodies safely.

2. The services that day care centers provide help relieve a caregiver’s stress

Caring for the elderly can be demanding for a caregiver, especially if your loved one needs intensive care.

Bringing them to a senior day care center can help relieve some of that stress. It gives caregivers and their families some time for themselves, even if it’s only a few times a week or a month. This allows caregivers to recharge their batteries, so they’re fully rested and able to give the best care possible.

Adults that attend a day care center also gives a caretaker peace of mind. They understand that their loved one is in the best care possible while they’re at work or taking care of other responsibilities.

3. Some adult day care centers have a health team on staff to provide additional services

At your local day care center, you may find that they have professionally licensed therapists and nurses that conduct regular health screenings on attendees.

Over time, these screenings help create a baseline that staff can then use to measure their health and cognition. This can help them detect any changes that may require additional care or attention before it’s too late.

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