24/7 Home Care vs. Live-in Care

November 17, 2022 at 4:00 PM
<strong>24/7 Home Care vs. Live-in Care</strong>

There comes a time when our parents may require round-the-clock assistance with their daily lives. Many children don’t mind taking care of their parents full-time, but circumstances can often make this difficult to achieve. For instance, the aging parent may live hundreds of miles away. In some cases, the kind of care that the parent needs is not something that the child can provide.

Regardless of the reason, hiring professional help is the most logical way to handle such matters. That's where 24/7 home care and live-in care come in. They’re both viable caregiving options for seniors.

Choosing between 24/7 home care and live-in care can be challenging as you have to consider many factors. In this post, we'll discuss how these two care services differ so you can decide what's best for your family.

24/7 Home Care

As the term 24/7 implies, 24/7 home care ensures that your parents are looked after 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides protection and care for your parents around the clock, like living in care. However, the two arrangements differ in the number of caregivers.

24/7 home care services utilize multiple trained and certified professionals who always take shifts to have someone with your parents. They also provide more flexibility and leniency since you can decide whether to hire how many caregivers to work for equal shifts or alternating shifts for 24 hours.

Additionally, this service guarantees complete attentiveness and focus throughout your caregivers' shifts. As your home care workers will work shorter shifts than working for 24 hours, they'll be more energized and alert while giving 24/7 care. And since they are fully aware and conscious of the time of day, you won't have to worry about them sleeping as they do their job.

Live-in Care

Compared to 24/7 home care, live-in care is when one caregiver resides in the same residence as the person being cared for. Instead of having several caregivers to look after your parents, you’ll get one caregiver who will live with them in the same residence.

This service limits the number of people accessing and entering the residence, which can be beneficial since it will keep your parents in a familiar environment. It also provides more assurance that your loved ones are not exposed to any possible infections (such as COVID) since they don’t have to deal with multiple caregivers coming from outside.

Live-in caregivers need to be on-site 24 hours in this arrangement. However, they are permitted to sleep or take a break for up to 8 hours of their shift. They are usually provided with a bed or a room to stay in as they work in residence.

If you seek more personal attention and companionship, enabling the caregiver to build a strong rapport with your parents, live-in care is your best option. With this arrangement, your parents will benefit from 24-hour care and assistance with their daily needs with the same caregiver.

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